Monday, July 4, 2011

Magical Moment 515, "What Raises a Hand?"

I wrote this short poem after reading a friend's facebook status. A Soldier herself, she is visiting D.C and typed this:

Unforgettable Moment: At the Vietnam Memorial watching a man touch his battle buddy's name while his hand shakes and says "There he is..."

"What Raises a Hand?"
By Elizabeth Grimes

What is it that compels a hand, 
To voluntarily raise,
And say "I will go and sacrifice," 
With no reward or praise?

Perhaps it is also what, 
(Once the uniform is donned),
Raises the soldier's hand in salute, 
Executing above and beyond.

It must be what I feel, 
When I hear "O say can you see."
My hand is pulled to my heart, 
Out of unwavering loyalty.

The same sentiment I saw,
When at a wall of stone.
He raised his hand to touch a name.
And said, "My friend, you're never gone."

"Vietnam Reflections" by Lee Teter