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Magical Moment 520, "The Quiet Game"

I read this post at Robin's blog, Ramblings with a Cantankerous Old Mule the other day (great blog, check it out), and it reminded me of this story from many years ago:

My older sister, Regina, and I were quite spirited little girls. Before our little sister was born, it was just the two of us together all the time, either playing or fighting. I remember car rides when she and I would sit in the back seat and drive my mother nuts. But our mom soon discovered a trick that may have saved her sanity. It was called...The Quiet Game.

You may have guessed, the object of the game was to see who could remain silent the longest. It just goes to show, you put the word "game" at the end of anything, and children will buy it. But here's the kicker and what puzzles me to this day. My sister and I took this game very seriously. We were very competitive. And though we didn't enjoy being quiet, we would do it with the focus and concentration of an Olympic athlete, for that prize that my mother dangled in front of us. And that prize was...a penny. ONE PENNY!!!

I'm not that old, people! It's not like..."Back in my day a penny could buy a tank of gas and a soda pop and you'd still get change back." Back in my day, a penny could buy you NOTHING! But this actually worked for my mom until we were probably 9 and 7 years old (or older). We weren't a wealthy bunch. We never earned a weekly allowance as children or teenagers. But I am still scratching my head about that penny thing. Loosen the purse strings, mom!

Maybe that's why I was so ecstatic when I got my first job at the age of 15, earning minimum wage at Taco John's. That was five hundred and fifteen pennies an hour, folks! I was rolling in the green...I mean copper. I suppose perhaps that is one way our parents taught us the value of a dollar. I mean penny.

Me, Mom, older sister Regina, younger sister Erica


texwisgirl said…
what a great story. too cute... and what a beautiful bunch of women!!!
Linda said…
This reminds me of something my grandmother used to do when my brother and I and our four cousins would stay at her house. She would offer a dime (and that WAS big money back then) to the first one to fall asleep at night. Well, of course, we would all pretend to be asleep; and it soon became a reality. Next morning, Grandma would say she hadn't been able to tell who won, so we would each get the reward.
Your mom was very wise, and thrifty. You have a lovely family.
Deborah said…
LOL ... oh this was wonderful, I loved it :o)
Hilary said…
Fun story, Elizabeth. Your family is just beautiful and it's hard to believe that your Mom isn't one of your siblings (and no, she did not pay me a penny to say that). ;)
I could never get my kids to play that game :) I tried to...I see where yall get your beauty from.
ds said…
Wonderful story, Elizabeth. You have a beautiful family.
Busy Bee Suz said…
This is so darn cute. I also can't believe you zipped it for a mere penny. :)
I would have done it for maybe perhaps an icecream??? Yeah, food always works for me!
Cute post. Have a great weekend!
Regina Teague said…
Bahahahaha. . .I totally forgot all about the quiet game! Good times, good times. I'm guessing I probably lost most of the time!
Texwisgirl, Aw, thanks!

Linda, that is a GREAT idea! And too funny. I'm gonna remember that one. :)

Out on the Prairie, Thanks so much.

Deborah, I'm so glad!

Hilary, Thank you. My mom gets that a LOT. I'm hoping I inherited some of it.

Ds, Thank you! :)

Kim, Thanks for the sweet comment. :)

Suz, I can't believe it either! Lol.

Gina, I'd say that's a safe bet! Bahahahah!!! :)
Robin Malherbe said…
Ha ha ha, thanks for sharing that - it was hilarious. So, that's where you learnt some of those qualities you still seem to have today - competitiveness, finishing what you started...

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