Sunday, July 3, 2011

Magical Moment 514, "Chirp-munk"

Eddie took this short video at the park where he works as a National Park Ranger. By far, the most numerous critters that live within the grounds, are chipmunks. 

One of my first visits there, I heard the loudest, shrillest "chirp" sound, and swiveled my head from tree to tree, looking for the bird making that call. That's when Eddie told me it was a chipmunk, not a bird! I didn't believe him at first, but he finally caught it on video and there's no denying it.

These guys are everywhere and I find them irresistibly adorable. Hope you do too!

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texwisgirl said...

oh he's just precious!!!

we don't see them here but i think they're adorable!

Dawn said...

(is that a word?;))

Robin Malherbe said...

Very cute!

Linda said...

I've been deceived by their chirping, too, thinking it was coming from a bird in the trees. I've learned to recognize the sound now. They ARE cute, but they're destructive, too. When we find them in our yard, we capture them and release them in a large cemetery several miles away.

Rick said...

Chipmunks and squirrels drive my dog crazy ! ;-)

Next time you're out there you need to take some shell peanuts with you and put one at a time on your head while crouching down - they'll run right up and take it, just like treasure !

Hilary said...

Oh yes, they are among the cutest creatures on the planet. My son has been hand-feeding one since spring and Frank has a couple of them coming around to his place where he scatters bird seed for them. Once they become comfy with you, they're bold as brass. And even cuter. I'll be posting some pics of one in particular.. eventually. Great video capture.