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Magical Moment 517, "1460"

Today marks 4 years (1,460 days) being married to my husband, Eddie (He is a number genius and appreciates that kind of stuff...he probably could calculate the minutes and seconds in his head faster than I could add them with a calculator). As I type this now, 4 years ago, I was attempting to sleep on the floor of my sister's unfurnished, new  town house. Trying in vain to get some sleep before my wedding day, and trying not to panic about the rain that just started to fall outside. The rain stopped, I slept, and the wedding was perfect.

As cliche as it may sound, I knew there was something about Eddie, literally the moment we met. Of course, I never believed anything could happen between us, being military - he an NCO and myself an officer. This is strictly against the fraternization policy. Despite that knowledge, I found myself pulling a 24-hour shift at the staff duty desk one night, thinking about that guy, Sergeant Grimes. Before I knew it, it was 3 in the morning, and I had the lyrics to a song scribbled on a scratch piece of paper. When I got home the next day, I put them to music. A month later, when Eddie and I were "together," I played the song for him.

We were married within 7 months of dating. We took our lumps on the head and slaps on the wrist from Uncle Sam, knowing that the benefits of being legally married for life, far outweighed the temporary punishment. It was the best and wisest decision I ever made. 

Here is that song, "Dimples and Brown Eyes," recorded a few months ago at People Kitchen and Lounge in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Below I posted the lyrics and pointed out a few secret stories that inspired them. Happy Anniversary, Eddie. Love you.

"Dimples and Brown Eyes" by Elizabeth Grimes, 11/06
Copyright 2009

Vs 1:
Don’t you wanna keep me warm? 

(It was a freezing November night and I was shivering at the staff duty desk. Even worse, I knew Eddie happened to be sleeping outside, as he was going through the rigorous and miserably difficult Special Forces training.)     
I’m pretty sure I think you do.
No one’s cared for me like you.
You play a song to see me smile.

(Once, while working together in the office, I mentioned to Sergeant Grimes that the song playing on the radio always made me smile, no matter how many times I heard it. About 15 minutes later, I realized that he had put that particular song on repeat in the CD player. It played over and over. He and I were the only 2 who knew for hours. The song was 'Mud on the Tires' by Brad Paisley. Finally someone yelled, 'Is the CD player broke? I can't stand this song anymore!')

I’m wishin for you all the while.
Imagine your arms around me.
Oh how safe I would be.
Picture your cheek next to mine,
Slowly swayin to Patsy Cline.

(We both love classic country music. I was stunned that another human being my age even knew who Patsy Cline was, let alone could sing along with most of her songs.)

It’s not a sin but it might be wrong.
We just can’t announce what’s goin on.
Our little secret just you and me.
We’ll hold our tongues til we’re free.

(Pretty self explanatory. It wouldn't be morally wrong, just technically wrong...)

Vs 2:
Don’t you wanna hold my hand?
I don’t care about them and you don’t either.

(Those darn Army rules, and the people who would later judge us for our decision...)

If we were together life would be sweeter.
Say it, come on, cuz you know I won’t.
Oh, how much more bait can I throw?
Thoughts of you get me through the day,
All the sweet things you say.

(With all the frustrations of Army life, Eddie would constantly encourage me throughout the day. I might not have made it through that first year at Fort Bragg without him.)

Those dimples and brown eyes, I can’t resist you.
How lovely it’d be to lean over and kiss you.

(We both worked in the same small office, and he just looked so cute sitting behind his desk. :))

We’ll shout it from the roof tops
A little down the line.
But for now I’ll silently
Claim you as mine.

Back in the Army days

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texwisgirl said…
oh this was so sweet! happy 4 yr anniversary to both of you! he is a cutie! :)

loved the line "how much more bait can I throw..." LOL!!
Daryl said…
Happy Anniversary .. and many more filled with fun family and love ..
Linda said…
Wishing you both a very happy 4th anniversary.
Eddie said…
My favorite song, blog, and person in the world!
Happy anniversary, Love Birds!
Steve Gravano said…
Happy fourth and many more to come. I love the song!
Busy Bee Suz said…
Happy anniversary to you both. I am so glad you took your slaps and is so worth it. You have a beautiful love story!!!!
So sweet, this love story. I like your video and there was a ton of rain in the background. (maybe it was fake rain) Happy Anniversary
ds said…
Probably the most magical moment of all. Happy Anniversary, and many, many more!
Tracy said…
Happy Anniversary, you guys are absolutely adorable. I pray God blesses you with MANY MANY more happy years to come. :)
Hilary said…
That's so sweet. Happy Anniversary, you two.. wishing you many, many more.
Thank you all for the anniversary wishes!!! :) We had a great day!
Regina Teague said… left out calls to your big sis, who listened to you go on and On and ON about Sergeant Grimes! Haha love you both!

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