Friday, September 2, 2011

Magical Moment 574, "Stinkin' Lincoln"

I was born and raised in Lincoln, were both my were my grandparents. For the record, I love my hometown, but there are times when a Lincolnite wonders, "Will I ever get out of here?" My dad is one of those Lincolnites. My dad kind of reminds me of George Bailey in the movie It's a Wonderful Life, whose ambition is too big for his city, but whose circumstances won't let him leave.

A while ago, I read a post at Gary's Third Pottery Blog about some novelty mugs he created for a city in New York called Groton with the words "Rotten Groton" on them. I thought it was hilarious because my dad for as long as I can remember has referred to Lincoln as "Stinkin Lincoln." Gary was kind enough to create a special mug just for my dad. And to top it all off....Gary is originally from Lincoln, NE! It was a mug meant to be! 

My dad called me today to say he was enjoying a cup of coffee out of his new mug. He's been working non stop overtime lately, and it felt great to give him something he could smile about for a bit. I love Stinkin Lincoln and always will, but what makes it so special, is my family is there!

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