Saturday, March 27, 2010

Magical Moment 51, "Jungle of Stone"

I walked through a jungle made of stone
With steal mountains high as I could see.
I walked through the jungle all alone
Though predators had their eye on me.

If unprovoked, they won’t attack
So calm I must remain.
I look to the front, not the side or back
Traveling through rough terrain.

A snake, a tiger, creatures unknown,
Spiders, lizards, and bears
Are lurking about this jungle of stone
So I must pass through with care.

My feet are blistered, my muscles are sore
I’m dirty, scared, and tired.
I fear that I can walk no more
But if I stop, I’ll surely expire.

I look up above and what’s that I see?
The sun is peeking through,
High above the cement canopy
I don’t have much left to do.

A few more steps and I’ll be safe
Inside my secure, warm home.
A few more steps, I’ve made it now.
Out of this jungle of stone.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

If anyone can get pass the stone it is you, don't ever give up