Saturday, May 22, 2010

Magical Moment 107, "Beyond the Sea"

What a day. Well, I’m auditioning to be a performer on a cruise line for three to six months. I mean really, could there be a better job? Who knows if it’ll ever really work out. I wouldn’t actually do it unless Eddie could somehow get a job on the same line and we could go together. However, I thought I should audition and see if it’s even a possibility. The audition process is done by video, which I have to mail and postmark by this Monday. This morning, I set up good old Ray (my keyboard) in the living room, along with the video camera and tripod. I perfected the view, sound, and lighting. I did my make up and hair. I drank hot water with honey (for the throat). And then I sat down to record my audition.

The audition required that I first played a song of my choice. Directly after, I would open an envelope which was mailed to me, in front of the camera, and sight-read the 3 pieces inside. After I played the 3 songs, I would turn off the camera, practice for an hour, and then play the 3 songs again. There was to be absolutely zero editing of the video, in order to imitate a live audition as much as possible.

After I was mentally and physically prepared for my audition (nerves don't go away just because it's not in person), I sat down to discover that Ray was broken. I lent him to an elementary school so they could have a decent instrument to accompany them in their Spring Program, and when I got him back, 3 keys were stuck, rendering the whole keyboard useless. After a few panicked phone calls and minor melt down, I called the only repair shop within driving distance who told me two weeks minimum for a repair. I then attempted to use my lovely piano for the audition video, however the acoustics of the strong piano and my soft voice were a problem I could not resolve.

After Eddie's blessing and a moment of silence for Ray, I drove to Guitar Center where I purchased a brand new keyboard. It's beautiful of course, but it's no Ray. I lugged it home, re-set up everything for the audition, and finally got it recorded.

I tried to post the video, but the file was too large. Instead, I had to break it up into 2 sections and post on youtube.

So if you click here, you'll see the first section. That was the song of my choice and sight-reading 3 songs. You'll get to witness first hand my fabulous sight-reading skills (NOT!).
Click here to see the second section. I practiced the 3 songs for an hour and then played them again.
I'll keep you posted on the outcome!

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