Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magical Moment 101, "Me and Ray"

Willie Nelson named his guitar Paul. They’d been everywhere together, through rough and rocky travels in cities across the nation (where they received their education…sing along if you know it…). So I thought I should name my keyboard.

My weighted, 88-key, silver Yamaha (and stand) was a graduation/commissioning present from my Grandma Valencia, one of my biggest supporters. Its first home was in the tiny basement apartment below my Grandma Daugherty that I shared with my best friend. I wrote some of my very first songs inside those pink walls (yes, pink) with that keyboard. Its second home was El Paso, TX where after a long day of class (and other military related headaches), I pounded out my frustrations on the keys. Next it was Fayetteville, NC, where it aided me in the Soldier Show audition and tons of military banquets and events. Now we’re planted in NJ and together we make regular trips into Manhattan and Brooklyn. It’s a heavy keyboard, not very convenient to carry. But I’ve got it down to a science now (and a case with wheels doesn’t hurt either).

I guess New York City’s been the roughest. I’m surprised that my mind is still fairly sound. All those years, my keyboard served faithfully in place of a real piano, and even though I have one now, nothing could ever replace good old Ray.

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