Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magical Moment 125, "I Still Think About You"

This is a song I wrote probably 6 years ago, but never really knew the right arrangement until Norah Jones came along. Then I knew I wanted that acoustic, simple sound with the piano as an embellishment, rather than carrying the entire accompaniment like many of my other songs. Hope you enjoy. Recording below.

“I Still Think About You”
Words and music by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009
Verse 1:
You didn’t break my heart.
You didn’t crush all my dreams.
You never mistreated me.
We agreed it wasn’t meant to be.
We casually said goodbye
Both smiling as we walked away.
No anger pain or sadness.
Another boy, another day.

I never was in love with you.
And still I swear this is true.
But ever now and then
I have a passing thought of you.
A fleeting moment of memory
When I bite my lip and smile.
And think of that brief time
We were together for a while.

I still think about you.
Sometimes I wish you’d just call.
One more try could be the last try.
Could be the end of it all.
Could be the end of all our searching
Or a crash and burn mess.
And though I think about you
We’ll never know I guess.

Verse 2:
I shouldn’t still want you.
We had no raging fervent fire.
But I often wonder
Is me you desire?
If you saw me for a moment
Do you think you’d feel the same?
And have the urge to rekindle that spark we had again?

It’s not a burning question
Just a nagging curiosity
If we had once more to try it,
Would you wanna be with me?


Ralph Hewlett said...

What is your view on the Lord's Supper? Ralph Hewlett

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Ralph, My personal view is that it should be taken in reverence, by those who have accepted Christ as their Savior and have a clean heart. It is a time to remember the the sacrifice that Jesus made. -Elizabeth