Friday, June 11, 2010

Magical moment 127, "A Peace of My Heart"

I’ve written songs, blogs, and more about my anxiousness and worry. I suppose some people are just more inclined to be constantly restless and apprehensive. I don’t know if I’ll ever get past it completely.
Yesterday, it stormed all day long. I was out running errands around town in the pouring rain. It’s frustrating because I don’t get my morning run in, and Joy with her boundless puppy energy is cooped up in the house all day, running laps around the dining room table and torturing the cat. Sometime in the afternoon, the gray, dim light that poured in through the living room window mini blinds, turned into a warm, bright yellow. I peeked out and discovered the beauty of a perfect summer afternoon. Joy and I rushed outside and played fetch until she was exhausted, which only took a few minutes. She tore up and down the grass, chasing birds and barking in such a frenzy, she tired herself out in no time. It was a good thing too because as we walked towards the front door, I felt sprinkles on my neck. By the time we made it into the house and up the stairs, the clouds were back and the rain continued. How nice it was to that short period of peace.

There are moments amidst my endless fretting, when I experience one brief moment of comfort, reassurance, and faith. One clear second of completely trusting God and the burden is lifted. I am working on stretching that moment longer. But sometimes, I live off of that moment. I couldn’t have gone on without it. And although often the storm returns, I am forever grateful for that moment when I experienced a peace of my heart.

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