Thursday, July 22, 2010

Magical Moment 168, "A Little Sweat"

This morning I sat on the couch, drinking coffee and debating for an hour whether or not to go for a run. I had fallen out of my routine after vacation a few weeks ago and dreaded the thought of conditioning myself back into shape. It was 8 am, and already insanely hot outside. Usually when that happens, I console myself by saying that I’ll wake up earlier the next morning to get a good run in.

It’s been nearly an entire year since I got out of the Army and to me, it’s a small accomplishment that I’ve been able to keep up running on my own for so long. Despite my absolute disdain for anything athletic, I really enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that I get from running. As difficult as it is to put my tennis shoes on in the morning and fight the weather, whatever time of year it may be, I know that I’ll feel better for the rest of the day if I force myself to do it. And Joy will be much better behaved if she gets her run in too. She’s gotten in the habit of running frenzied circles around the coffee table and whimpering with uncontrolled excitement when she sees me tie up my shoelaces and fasten my iPod band to my upper arm.

Today as my feet pounded the pavement, my knees throbbed, and the sweat dripped down my face, I felt good. One day closer to getting back into form. A few uninterrupted minutes to think and pray about the months to come, which will require a different kind of disciplined commitment and hard work. Because to get the results I want, will require a little sweat.

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