Friday, July 23, 2010

Magical Moment 169, "Summer Slum"

So, I’ve been going through the “summer slum.” That’s when everyone is on vacation and busy with other things, so they don’t need to hire a musician for holiday parties or elementary school programs (which happens to make up 90% of my paying gigs). I’ve been searching craigslist under the “talent” category for something that says, “Piano Player Needed for Beach Party” or “Major Record Label Ready to Sign the First Person to Respond to this Add Who Has Green Eyes.” So far, I’ve had zero luck.

But that hasn’t stopped me from my nearly neurotic diligence in finding work. While most people these days are addicted to social media – facebook, myspace, and twitter – I seem to be addicted to the online want-ads (okay okay, Scrabble games on facebook too). I mean, you should see the job ads I have to sift through. These are NOT made up (keep in mind this is New York City)…

-Nail Model
-Young Japanese Girl for Commercial
-Women with muscular calves needed
-tickling fetish - $$$ - ladies only
-foot model
-drag queens/ gay and lesbian couples wanted for photo shoot

That being said, it can be discouraging going weeks at a time without finding a single gig I could be considered for, let alone be hired and paid for. In the mean time, I’ve been watching a lot of “The Office” on instant Netflix, which is totally hilarious, but after a few hours just makes me feel all the more wretchedly unemployed.

Maybe it’s the looming hail and thunderstorm brewing outside my window. Maybe it’s the glass of wine I’ve had today. Maybe it’s my gut. Maybe it’s the 40-minute long gig I booked for the end of August at a Metaphysical church fundraiser (not sure what that is). Maybe I'm way, way off. But I feel things starting to turn. Yep. I see it now too. The trees are nearly blowing over. The kind of wind I would hate to see a year ago, right before an Airborne Operation dropped us from a C-130 aircraft over Sicily Drop Zone. It’s lightning too and raining hard. I’m pretty sure that means something. A change. In weather. In the ozone. In the season. My season is changing. Lord, I hope so. Been here nearly a year and no closer to my goal. It’s go-time now. The summer is half over and my “slum” will soon be history.

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