Thursday, October 28, 2010

Magical Moment 266, "Gimme a G! Gimme an O!"

Me dying a slow death at the Giants stadium 12/09. Cowboys lost.

It’s pretty safe to assume that if I’m writing about a sport…I may have writer’s block. Nevertheless, I suppose the Baseball World Series is a fairly huge and relevant national event right now and it has inevitably seeped its way into my generally sports-free home. I’m not sure how or why I’ve developed such distaste for most, if not all sports, but somehow I have.

Ever since Wednesday night T-ball at children’s church, I sensed that I didn’t belong. I never gained an interest or understanding for the purpose or rules of the game. In high school when I went out for that one year of cheerleading, our coach had to hold up a sign from the stands that said either “D” or “O” so we would know whether to do a defense or offense cheer. And even as a UNL student and now alumni, I’ve never necessarily looked forward to going to or watching the Husker games. I more or less do it out of obligation (don’t tell Nebraska I said that).

But now that I’ve married a die-hard Dallas Cowboys and Rangers fan, I’ve found myself becoming more exposed to the odd world of screaming at the TV and compulsively checking scores online. Last year, Eddie even dragged me to a Cowboys game at the famous Giants Stadium in New Jersey and I sat for hours with my teeth chattering thinking, “Til death do us part. Til death do us part…” And now in addition to football season, the Rangers had to go and beat the Yankees for the first time ever. Thanks a lot guys.

However, I’ve found myself gradually, GRADUALLY gaining interest in the World Series. It’s sort of exciting to think that a team whose never made it this far, may actually have a shot at winning. Of course, if it weren’t for Eddie, I still wouldn’t give a lick. It’s funny what love and marriage makes us do. Suddenly we care about something we never thought imaginable. So maybe this strange developing interest in sports is about more than just sports. Maybe finding Eddie has given me something in my life to root for. 

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