Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magical Moment 412, "Harry's Got the Right Idea"

To celebrate the new spring season, I thought about taking Joy for a good, long run today, but then I looked outside. Hello white snow flakes. Welcome back. Instead, I ran on the treadmill where it was warm.

When I looked outside later, I realized Harry the squirrel (named by my neighbor) had a very similar idea. Spring, you deceptive little thing.

"Forget it. I'm staying underneath the tree where it's still spring!" -Harry


Hilary said...

Here too. It's been snowing all day.. after we'd been thawed out for over a week.. sigh. About 6 inches and counting.

Linda said...

Spring advances and then retreats, doesn't it? But soon the advances will be greater than the retreats; and, before you know it, you'll be complaining about the summer heat. :) Indiana is expecting a "wintry mix" tonight, but nothing really measurable. Hang in there. At least it's snowing on green grass. That's progress!

Dawn said...

Hehe....He looks so very discouraged!
I just read somewhere to stay motivated to get out and run- you should take on a running partner.
Come on over;))

Nice to see others are in the same boat:)

Paul C said...

I had a similar experience. Warmer than COLD snow pellets. We take the wonder in any form.