Friday, March 25, 2011

Magical Moment 414, "Blind By My Mind"

I'm playing for a new musical one-man show by Nathan Lucrezio called "Unheard."  It's a funny, artful, entertaining, toe-tapping, and heartfelt play that I'm proud to be a part of. At the emotional height of the show, Lucrezio describes his battle with cancer in this moving, intimate number. His sister, Elizabeth Lucrezio dances as he plays piano. At the end of the dance, I come and take over piano for him and he sings the beautiful ballad, "Blind by my Mind."

I read another blog post today by Dawn at Puzzle Pieces and it meant SO much to me. Musicians are often the background. It's easy to blend in. For me, it's safe and comfortable. It's easy to be overlooked by others and when that happens often enough, you start to overlook yourself. The post beautifully illustrates that the "backdrop" has a very important job - to make the "scene" stand out. So I do not take my job lightly. And I hope I never do.

Enjoy the video. The show closes Saturday night.


Linda said...

Nicely done, Elizabeth.

Dawn said...

:) You are a beautiful backdrop...and play the scene well too my dear friend.