Thursday, March 31, 2011

Magical Moment 420, "The Critter Awards"

I'm nearly 28 and I still love to go to the zoo - even with no nieces or nephews to use as an excuse. I went to the Turtle Back Zoo in NJ with Eddie today. It was cold and rainy, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to have fun snapping photos of my favorite critters.

The Happiest Critter award goes to: Cassie the Sea Otter
This is Cassie's first nomination as she is a new addition to the zoo. She thanks her parents for making her so cute, and the zoo keepers for feeding her and keeping her energy up to entertain the guests.

The Most Hypnotizing Critter award goes to: The Sea Horse
The Sea Horse was also nominated for Brightest Critter.

The Brightest Critter award goes to: The Blue Fish
The Blue Fish and the Sea Horse are considered rivals in many aspects, but personally maintain a good friendship. "We work together in our goal to inspire awe in our spectators," said the Blue Fish.

The Best Dressed Critter award goes to: The Peacock
The Peacock has won this award several consecutive years.

The Big Beast Award goes to: The Brown Horse
"I'd like to thank my 2 little bird friends, for always making me look big in comparison, " said the Brown Horse.

The Most Illusive Critter award goes to: The White Wolf. 
He had no comment.

The Toughest Critter award goes to: The Prairie Dog
The Prairie Dog lost his left ear and tail in a scuffle with a predator. "I'm just thankful to be here," The Prairie Dog said as he received his award.

And finally, the Most Adorable Critter award goes to: The Prairie Dog
This is the Prairie Dog's 2nd nomination and win for the evening, and the first time in history the same critter has won an award for both Adorable and Tough. 

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and have a great evening!