Thursday, April 7, 2011

Magical Moment 427, "Make Someone Happy"

One of the best feelings in life, is the result of seeing someone you love happy. It's why we give presents at Christmas and birthdays, why we work and toil at our jobs, and why we sacrifice our free time. It's usually for the greater purpose of pleasing someone we care for. And when that happens, our heart soars and everything is worth it.

I know from experience how hard it is to see someone you love unhappy. It's torture. His name was Theadore, and he was my teddy bear when I was a little girl. I loved him SOOO much! His dark eyes, his sweet face, and his pudgy little stomach. The only thing was, Theodore frowned. His creator sewed his yarn mouth into a downward pointing frown. I couldn't understand it. I wanted him to smile at me. After all, I played with him, cuddled with him, drank tea with him. Still, I couldn't make him smile. Lucky for me, it was Granny, the sewing master, to the rescue! After a minor surgery with her scissors, needle, and thread, Theodore forever after smiled at me. What a difference that made! It gave my childish heart peace and joy to know that my lovable teddy was happy now!

Well, I was reminded of that little story today after Eddie wisked me away on an impromptu, surprise, birthday trip (as you may recall, we like to make big deals out of birthdays). He wouldn't tell me where we were going, only that I needed to take off work and have my suitcase packed by this morning. The first stop, was Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Sussex, NJ. Knowing my love of critters, Eddie took me to this one of a kind wildlife zoo that absolutely amazed me. We spent hours at the indoor museum, then outside walking around the vast acres of land complete with every exotic and domestic animal you could possibly imagine. I was absolutely blown away and thrilled! When I asked Eddie if he was having fun he replied, "I'm happy because you're happy."

My little Theodore?! How you've grown!

These 3 were almost too cute to handle!

This was one big, scary bird!

I just love these cute little critters!

Eddie dared me to kiss him. I lost the dare.

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Linda said...

That's an adorable picture of you and it a llama? You do know those things spit, don't you? You were lucky. :)

You and Eddie need to check out this place in Ohio: I've never been there, but it's on my list.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Linda, that looks awesome! Definitely something Eddie and I would love to do one day. After you cross it off your list, make sure to write lots about it on your blog! :) Thanks for the link.

Hilary said...

Such sweet faces.. that last one is a gem!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos of those critters! Although I felt sorry for the bear in the cage...

Deborah said...

Wonderful, and the animlas are just adorable ... and yes, that is one big scary bird! :o)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Hilary, Thank you. I guess I'm lucky that little llama didn't spit! :)

Ladyfi, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos! The bear actually had a very large open area. He was just close to the fence looking at people. This zoo had one of the better habitats I've seen for its animals. :)

Deborah, Thanks! The bird almost looks possessed or something, right?! :)