Monday, April 4, 2011

Magical Moment 424, "National Poetry Month"

In honor of April being National Poetry Month, I thought I would post 2 short poems by my 2 favoritest poets. 

The first was written by my Grandma Valencia. I have pages and pages, and e-mails and e-mails of her poems. She is musically inclined, an amazing artist, and a thoughtful writer. If you visit her home, you'll find her work displayed on her hallway walls, like a miniature art gallery. She belongs to a writer's group and recently, they worked their way through the alphabet. This poem, from the letter "T" is about her 2 great-grandsons. I think the image of a teddy bear tucking in 2 little boys is so creative and sweet. I'll be posting more of her work throughout the month.

"Tommy Teddy Bear"
Great Grandmother Valencia, February 16, 2011

Lovely hues surround the setting sun
Twilight of the quiet night has begun
Twinkling stars of shapes arrange their line
Amazing black sky, stars, moon, create a picturesque time

Restful sleep, my two little ones, tucked in tight
Dreamy thoughts in your spaceship throughout the night

Love & Prayers have been said
A sweet soft kiss upon your head

Goodnight tonight,
Tender Tugs & Hugs
Tommy Teddy Bear


The second poem is by my hubby, Eddie. We text each other random poems throughout the day whenever one of us is bored at work. We just start texting whatever pops into our head, send it, then try and make the next one rhyme with the first. They usually come out pretty funny. It's too bad I never thought of actually writing any of them down until now. This is one Eddie sent me tonight.
"A Text Poem at Work"
by Eddie Grimes

Once in a while i get sad and blue. 
Then i see a smile that belongs 2 u. 
My sadness flees and my joy overflows. 
I put down my keys and kiss your bitty nose.


Linda said...

Your Grandma Valencia's poem could be published in a children's book. Eddie''s adorable and so sweet. I love that you two love each other and let us in on it.

Dawn said...

Runs in the family I guess:)

I cannot believe how you 2 love one another:)))))

Deborah said...

What a wonderful poem and I just love the thought of you and your hubby texting each other poems too ... just lovely.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Wow so touching and beautiful the texting, poems also