Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magical Moment 285, "Live Like Royalty"

I awoke to the gentle song of birds outside my window, like a cartoon Disney princess.

After I laced up my tennis shoes and went outside, I found that golden leaves had been laid out at my feet, like a royal carpet lining my running route.

At work, I found that the 5-year old ballet class had come to entertain me, like court jesters, and I smiled at their silliness all through class.

And when I arrived back at home, I found that a grand meal had been prepared in my honor.

What a majestic life I lead! 


Eddie said...

I love you, My Princess, My Queen, My Love, My Wife!

Dawn said...

Oh You ARE A Princess!
A piano playing, musically gifted, lovely princess:))))
(And you are very lucky too:)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Aw! Thanks Dawn. :)

laughwithusblog said...

Oh to be able to have this perspective every day!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I know! It comes and goes. :)