Sunday, November 14, 2010

Magical Moment 283, "Joy's Flock"

Our dog, Joy, is a Shetland sheep dog, which means she can’t possibly run or chase enough. She attempts to herd anything that moves, which includes squirrels, blowing leaves, and our cat. I always joke that one day, we’re gonna get some sheep so that our dog can finally do the job she was bred to do.

When we got her a year ago, the neighbor children were nearly as thrilled with her as we were, and became her pseudo family and best playmates. Often when I walk with Joy by the neighbor’s window, I hear a tiny, little voice yell with delight from her second floor bedroom, “JO-EE!” (she has trouble with the “oy” sound and has taken to calling the dog “Joey” instead). This is generally followed, thirty seconds later, by a storm of children racing out of the house and oodling over Joy while she lays on the ground, basking in the love fest.

Once, the five children begged me to take her to the back yard and let her run and play without the leash on, which I obliged. They squealed as they raced up and down the lawn with Joy close at their heels, proudly running like a prize-winning sheep dog.
One boy asked, “Why does Joy like to chase so much?” I did my best to explain in terms the young children would understand.
“Well, her job is to chase sheep. And she thinks that you’re all sheep.”

This explanation seemed to please the children very much. And soon, they all began “baaaa-ing” like sheep as they continued to run from Joy. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. Joy finally got her flock.

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Eddie said...

I don't know who has more energy, Joy or the children. They all run and bark and yell and play endlessly. And they are all disappointed when we have to go in. They just can't get enough of herding and being herded.

Dawn said...

:) Too cute! Kids are so wonderful...don't you wish we could all just pretend to be sheep and get "taken care of" for a change?;))

I need a dog like that. Mine just sits there while I beg her to go for a run with me!

Hope your weekend was wonder-full:0)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Thanks Dawn. Yep, dogs and children. Always good for a laugh. :)