Monday, March 28, 2011

Magical Moment 417, "Last Minute Decision"

When my friends or family come to me for advice, I have two "go-to" replies. I decided I should get the sayings needle-pointed on a pillow some day. 
When a question begins with the words, "Should I..." I usually reply with, "Follow your heart."
When a question begins with the words, "How do I..." I usually reply with, "Google it."

I mean think about it. Should I take this new job? Should I switch my major? Should I spend the day cleaning the house or taking the kids to the park? Should I get a new dog? Should I break up with this guy?
Follow your heart. Your heart, your conscience, your voice inside your head, your cartoon cricket named Jiminy. Whatever it is inside you that tells you right and wrong, follow that. You can't go wrong!

How do I get to your house? How do I make tuna noodle casserole? How do I re-cover my furniture? How do I learn Spanish? How do I fix my sink?
Google it. Thank God for the internet. I google everything from how to change my guitar strings, to how to train my dog. 

I've been trying to take my own advice lately with this whole Law School thing. Should I, or shouldn't I? I even googled it. Yep. I typed in the words, "Should I go to Law School?" Then I watched the screen in anticipation, waiting for the answer to appear like a magic 8 ball. And for the first time, Google wasn't very helpful. As for my heart, it's getting pulled in every direction, so I find that pretty unreliable as well. I've separated skittles into "Pros" and "Cons" piles. Flipped quarters. And asked random people their opinions. Prayed and looked for signs. And I still have no idea. The kicker is, I have to mail a check by tomorrow morning. How's that for a last minute decision?!

I think tonight may be a restless night's sleep. If only I had a comfy pillow. With some helpful advice needle-pointed on it for me to follow!